Foothill Gold Jason 14u

Coming August 2020

FHG Jason 14u will be coached by Jason Adams, Felix Vigil, and Ty Nisby. Our staff brings many years of coaching experience and has enjoyed much success all over the country and in getting over 220 players to play college ball in every division. We have been to championship play from coast to coast, from PGF to USA Elite Select in Florida to Triple Crown in Austin and Colorado and everywhere in between.  We finished 5th in 2018 @ USA Nationals 16u and 4th in 2019 TCS Fireworks elite 16u power bracket. Our teams have played some of the best teams in the country at some of the best events in the country year after year. This upcoming season will be our 7th season together as a staff (9th for Felix and Ty) and our first as a 100% NON player-parent staff as Felix and Ty's daughters head off to college in SoCal and Colorado soon and Jason's daughter has already graduated college and is now an assistant coach at El Paso CC in Texas. Over the years we have helped hundreds of players improve their game and get to the next level.  We aren't bucket yellers or coaches that scream across the field, we coach instead of yelling. We will create an environment where our players feel safe to take risks and make the great diving play without fear of getting yelled at if they don't succeed at first. They don't know how great they can be until you allow them to take risks and try. We have always kept it fun and light but demanded our players best effort, we're process base coaches not results focused and our players have responded very well to this over the years. Our mission is to play hard, have fun, & get better. (and be seen by colleges when the time comes of course).  We will carry 14 players, 2 or 3 pitchers, 2 or 3 catchers. Fees will be reasonable.  We try to be absolutely equitable on playing time in pool play and showcases. Having said that; if a player gets a college out to see her, she will stay on the field until that coach has seen enough. In championship play our theory is that we should be able to win games with any of our roster on the field at any time, if not then we haven't done our jobs as coaches. We are looking forward to coaching dedicated athletes and helping them get to the next level.


Jason Adams

Head Coach/Liaison

I got started coaching in 1990 coaching my younger brother's little league team. I then spent a fall and part of a spring catching for Steve Eakes at Sierra College before heading off to the Army in 1992. While in the Army I caught for a semi-pro team over the summers in Kansas called the Manhattan Pistons. Upon returning to NorCal in 1996 I coached a  Big League (17 & 18 yr old) baseball team in Citrus Heights, CA. My softball coaching kicked off in 2003 when my only daughter Riley picked up the game and I was asked to help out coaching. I/We transitioned to travel ball in 2006-2010 with the Roseville Thunder, 2011-2016 NorCal Patriots 16u & 18u, and most recently 2016-2020 with the Batbusters Gomes Org out of Lodi coaching 4 years @ 16u and this season again at 18u. As Head Coach I'll handle the overall team functions, scheduling, budget, etc... in the dirt my specialty is catching and infield but as a pitcher's Dad and former catcher I pretty much have an eye for it all.  My daughter Riley graduated in 2019 from Midwestern State Univ. in Texas and is now the assistant coach at El Paso Community College and usually comes home over the summers and helps us out as well.


Felix Vigil


Felix was a pitcher in his day, playing professionally for a several years after high school out in Florida in the Tigers organization for the Plantation Spurs before heading to their Springfield, Missouri club. He got started coaching with his son Jordan in the late 1990's and then softball with his only daughter Talisa in the early 2000's.  Felix has served in every coaching role with the CA Grapettes, NorCal Intensity, and Batbusters Gomes.  Felix has also worked  as our college liaison with Batbusters.  Talisa is class of 2020 and headed to Adams State Univ. in August, Jordan recently graduated from Eastern Oregon Univ. after 4 years on football scholarship.  Felix is our infield and pitching specialist and as a former pitcher has an amazing eye to help hitters with their swings and their approach at the plate.


Ty Nisby


Ty is our outfield and baserunning specialist and has coached travel ball and at St. Mary's in Stockton, CA for over 10 years with the CA Grapettes, CA Intensity, and Batbusters to name a few.  His only daughter Kaia recently graduated and is headed to Concordia Univ. in Irvine, CA in August.  Ty will also help with creative conditioning drills to keep our players fast, healthy, and game ready.


"We're here to play hard, have fun, and get better, let's do it!"

Coach Jason


Contact Us

* This team will be based in the Sacramento area with practices possible anywhere from El Dorado Hills to Sacramento. 
* Try outs will be in early August, date TBD.  Check back mid-July for those dates. 
* We will run a typical 2nd year 14u schedule for fall 2020 and summer 2021 (more local than travel to match the NCAA recruiting timelines). 
* Any 14u age eligible player will be considered.  ALL POSITIONS ARE OPEN! We will likely not be age pure, but we will be hustle pure. 100% effort at all times athletes only.

*In fall of 2021 we will move to 16u.
*Private workouts can be scheduled and any inquiries will be confidential and not shared with anyone. FHG Jason 14U Staff


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